February 2024 | Brand Spark

Google Is Shutting Down Websites Created With Business Profiles

Companies aiming to sustain their online presence must reconstruct their websites using an alternative platform.

In an official statement released by Google, it has been confirmed that, commencing March 2024, websites established through the free Google My Business service will cease to operate. This directive will particularly impact domains concluding with ‘business.site.’

Planned Transition

This move aligns with Google’s strategic transition from Google My Business to Google Business Profile, a shift announced in 2021. The discontinuation of free websites created through this tool represents a planned progression in this transition.

Who will be impacted by this Change?

This shift will impact individuals who:

  • Possess a website created using Google Business Profile or a Google My Business account.
  • Websites with addresses concluding with business.site and negocio.site will be eliminated from the website field in your Business profile.

Action Required by Businesses

If you possess websites created with Google Business Profile, it is necessary to proactively maintain your online presence. Begin by finding a dependable web development and SEO service provider that enables you to establish a custom domain name for your new website. Evaluate factors such as server reliability, customer support, security, uptime, and more during this selection process.

Businesses desiring to uphold their online presence find a digital marketing service provider before the stipulated deadline. Google strongly recommends the creation of a new website using alternative tools, followed by the updating of the business profile with the new website address. Notable options provided include Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Shopify, and WordPress.

Important Dates to Remember

Mark these two important dates on your calendar:

1. March 1, 2024

Commencing March, websites crafted through Google Business Profiles will be deactivated. Visitors attempting to access your site will be redirected to your linked Business profile.

2. June 10, 2024

Starting from June 10, all redirection services will come to an end. Visitors trying to access your Google My Business website will encounter a ‘page not found’ error rather than being directed to your associated business profile.

The Bottom Line 

If this Google update impact your business, we encourage you to get in touch with us promptly to initiate the development of a new website before the stipulated deadline expires.